【About our course】

When does the class start?

All classes start in April, July, October and January.
If you are not studying with student visa, you can also start from other month.

When can I enter the regular course?

We recommend that you join the class in April, July, October or January, since it’s starting month of each term.

Tell me the details of Regular Course?

The class details are as below.
Morning class: 9:10-12:35 *For Intermediate and up
Afternoon class: 13:10-16:35 *For beginners
-45 mins lesson×4 lessons Monday to Friday

Do you provide courses for short term?

Yes, we provide 3 months short course. The required documents are written on the page here.

How much do cost your courses?

Please refer to this page for the price information.

【About part-time job】

Am I allowed to work?

Yes, you can work for 28 hours per week.

Do you offer any job vacancy to your students?

We don’t offer jobs, though there are many recruitment around our school, Shinjuku area. Also, we put some job offer on a school board.


How can I get student visa?

The required documents are written on the page here.
Some more documents may be required depending on where you are from.

Do you have school dormitory?

We have school dormitories here, though the capacity is very limited.
We recommend the guest house on your first stay.

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