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Welcome to SHJ home page

Tentang SHJ

SHJ (Shinjuku Heiwa Japanese Language School) is in the popular foreign student town 'Okubo' Shinjuku, with experienced and unique teachers.We provide preparatory courses to go on to study at well-known universities and professional schools and also offer you general language education, such as Japanese culture and business manner.

Our 3-story building has classrooms, a study room and a lounge. There are a lot of educational facilities around the school, popular department stores and restaurants. It is a good location to study and enjoy the life in Japan.

ICT lessons

Our experienced teachers provide original lesson materials for reviewing of lessons, kanji practice and JLPT preparation.

Employment support

Our group company 'Omusubi' will support you finding employment in mainly restaurant business, hotel business and IT related business.

Counselings for higher education

Out teachers will introduce you famous universities and vocational school with good results for finding employment.

Student support

We provide all kinds of information, such as resident registration, bank account, cell phone, part-time jobs and hospitals with language support, to help you adapting the new life environment.

Accredited school

Our school is accredited by Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau of Ministry of Justice.

Scholarship program

We offer scholarships for students who have JLPT or good records at high school.


SHJ focuses on verbal communication. From the first class, students will be evaluated on their Japanese conversation ability and be given opportunities to improve their speaking level in a group setting, The final stage of this course prepares you to take the JLPT Test and puts your conversation skills to use in our Business Immersion Program.

Regular Class

1 year to 2 years

Classes are divided into 8 levels from beginner to advanced. Students take examinations once every 3 months to have the right level of study.

SHJ Summer Program

2 weeks

This program is for high school students, university students and adults. Japanese for beginner and elementary level.

Small Group Lesson

10 times

The lessons allow you to sing your favorite Japanese songs, speak the dialogue from your beloved animations, or tailor your lessons.

Lessons at school

Our lesson is focused on eliciting students' conversation and improving the skills. The practical lessons with pronunciation and polite expressions are gaining good reviews.


Our experienced teachers provide original lesson materials for reviewing of lessons, kanji practice and JLPT preparation.

On-Demand lessons

The lesson videos of reading, listening and grammar explanation by our teachers are available at anytime through Youtube.


Proses Aplikasi

sending e-mail address


Application for Student Visa



Please submit scanned data of the documents indicated above to the email address.


Screening, Interview

We ask a successful applicant to submit supporting materials required for eligibility screening.


Application for COE

We apply to Tokyo Immigration Bureau for Certificate of Eligibility (COE) of student visa.

Temporary Visa, Working Holiday, Others



Please submit scanned data of the documents indicated above to the email address.


Screening, Interview

We will check the documents and send Certificate of Admission after the payment of tuition has been confirmed.


Admission procedure

Please come to school with your passport and arrange your class.

SHJ Dormitory

The school dormitory is located in an area where is convenient to go to school. Share room… Dormitory… Single room… We can also introduce a dormitory with meals and home stay.

Higashi Nakano


higashi nakano



Our school is located just 1 minute from the nearest station surrounded by houses and many educational facilities.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from you.

FAQ_Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you don’t mind if we add your question to those above.

Q1. About student visa

1-1 Yes. We are formally approved by the Ministry of Justice. We are allowed to have the applicant’s documents and apply for ‘Certificate of Eligibility’ on your behalf.

1-2 Yes. Students can work for up to 28 hours a week after getting ‘Work permit’.

1-3 The student visa for Japanese language school is one year and 3 months. You can renew your visa for another one year and study for up to 2 years.

Q2. About lesson

2-1 Yes. Our experienced teachers will teach in Japanese from introduction level. You can finish beginner level in 6 months. We also have multilingual staff to support your life in Japan.





2-3 はい。中級クラスから選択科目があります。日本のアニメや映画などのポップカルチャーなどを教材として使用したり、茶道や着付けなどの古典文化を体験する授業もあります。

Q3, 学生寮について

3-1 はい。徒歩県内の物件や電車で1駅など通学に便利な学生寮があります。

3-2 生活に必要な基本的な設備や備品はほとんどあります。


3-3 はい。どの施設も無料でインターネット接続が可能です。



Application Form for Student Visa

Temporary Visa, Working Holiday, Others

Application Requirement for student visa

Applicants from ordinary countries

Nationalities listed in ‘appendix 1’

Applicants from specific countries

Vietnam, Nepal, Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia

Temporary Visa, Working Holiday, Others

those who are in Japan with Temporary visitor visa, Working holiday visa or other kind of visa.

*If you need an invitation letter to get a visa, please ask us or our affiliated organization.

  • Application Form(for short term)
  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Residence Card(who has stayed in Japan for a mid- to long term)

学費明細_details of fees

留学VISA6ヶ月_Student Visa for 6 Months

  • 授業料6ヶ月分_Tuition for 6 Months ¥360,000


  • 選考料_Screening Fee ¥22,000


  • 入学金_Admission Fee ¥44,000


初回6ヶ月合計_Total for 6 Months___¥426,000







  • 入学願書(短期)
  • パスポート
  • 顔写真1枚
  • 在留カード(4ヶ月以上日本滞在の方)