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Shinjuku Heiwa Japanese Language School is in the popular foreign student town 'Okubo' Shinjuku, with experienced and unique teachers (Opening in April 2010). We provide preparatory courses to go on to study at well-known universities and professional schools and also offer you general language education, such as Japanese culture and business manner.

Improve Yourself

You need to be very patient to achieve something in languages. Sometimes it seems to be off the path or might look worthless,but if you are interested in it, I want you to stick to your goal. ' If there is a will, there is a way.' Don't you want to broaden your horizons and enjoy your life and studying? If you can do it, you will be able to improve yourself and see more things.

Zentaro Honda

SHJ Language School Principal

Learning Environment

Our 3-story building has classrooms, a study room and a lounge. There are a lot of educational facilities around the school, popular department stores and restaurants. It is a good location to study and enjoy the life in Japan.

VISA Support

We are formally approved by the Ministry of Justice. We are allowed to have the applicant’s documents and apply for ‘Certificate of Eligibility’ on your behalf.

ICT Education

We offer studying materials in smartphone and computer in the class and for lesson preparation/review. We also support your home study with on-demand coursework.

Counceling for advancement to higher education

We offer you concrete and effective counseling with abundant entrance exam materials which will always have up-to-date information. Teachers will provide counseling whenever you need.

Employment Support

We provide these services to support international students who want to work in Japan. OMUSUBI, affiliated company of SHJ provides job information and job training for our students.


We offer a dormitory which is located only one station away from our school. Equipment: Self-locking front door system, air conditioner, refrigerator, internet access, bed, etc.










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Flipped Classroom

Do online lesson preparation at home and build up ability to apply skills at school.

“I like the lessons very much. The teachers make the points simple and easy to understand for us.”



from South Korea

“The small class makes the environment of study better. I think you can improve you Japanese fast.”



From Russia


Student Life in Tokyo

Welcome to SHJ Language School. We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your success with infrastructure of knowledge and creativity.

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Welcome to SHJ Language School. We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your success with infrastructure of knowledge and creativity.

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