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Application guide for student visa

1. Application Schedule

October 2020 Intake for Student Visa

1. School application period22nd May(Fri)2020
2. COE application period8th Jun(Mon)2020
3. COE issuance20th Aug(Thu)2020

*COE is ‘Certificate of Eligibility Issuance‘ issued by Immigration.

2. Application for Certificate of Eligibility Issuance

Please submit scanned data of the documents to the email of admission office.
School will write the application form based on your submitted documents and present it to Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.

3. Documents to be submitted

Both your documents and the sponsor’s documents will be required upon application.
We might ask you to submit further documents other than the ones below.

1. Application form (Personal history)Please use the specified application form. The form must be signed by the applicant him/herself.
2. 6 PhotosH4×W3 cm, which were taken within the last 3 months.
3. Certificate of graduation*A certificate of graduation or an original diploma of the applicant’s final school is required.
*If you are an under-graduate (or under leave of absence from your school),
you need to prepare a certificate of student register (a certificate of leave of absence)
and a certificate of graduation or an official high school transcript.
4. Other documentsA passport, an identification and a certificate of occupation.
1. Letter of guarantor to pay expensesA guarantor needs to sign the specified form by him/herself.
2. Official transcript of the deposit balanceThe sum has to be more than 3 million yen or the equivalent.
3. Relationship certificationThe official documents such as a full copy or his/her family register or a residential record.
4. Other documents*Certificate of occupation (A letter of employment from your employer.
A self-employed financial sponsor needs to submit his/her business certificate or license.)
*Certificate of income (The most recent income and tax status report for the past 3 years.)
*If the sponsor is in Japan with a foreign nationality, a Certificate or Alien Registration will be required.

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